A New Kind

Of Billing Company.

we believe in this old fashioned thing called "quality service"

Top Notch Billing


Zenco offers good old fashioned billing services. We will generate your invoices, print and mail them, then provide high quality phone support to your customers to answer any questions they have  regarding their invoice.

Web-Based Services

We're all about full access and convenience for your residents.

Not only is our billing software on the cloud, but you can even offer a resident portal and accept payments online.

Dedicated Support


 We have a small, passionate, and very dedicated team here at Zenco. Don't be surprised when our team starts to recognize your voice and remember your name. 

Call us right now: 325-455-8830

Or give us a ring at 325-455-8830

Why Choose Us?


We have a proven record of delivering reliable and dependable services month after month since our founding in 2012. In those years we still have not lost a single client due to quality of service.


Our services are provided for a low monthly per unit rate. However, most of our clients currently enjoy our services at no cost ot them.

Super Easy

Using real time data exchange, easy excel imports, and a variety of other means we can help streamline your monthly billing process. Call us to find out how today!

We specialize in offering billing services for:

Multi-Family Utility Billing Services


Student Housing Billing Services

Student Housing

Storate Building Billing Services

Storage Units

Municipality Utility Billing Services


Or give us a ring at 325-455-8830

"A penny saved is a penny earned"

Benjamin Franklin 1899

While often credited to Ben Franklin, this phrase was actually a more current rendition of George Herbert's proverb, circa 1633 "A penny spar'd is twice got." Meaning that by declining to spend your penny and saving it instead, you are overall a penny up rather than a penny down. Hency, "twice got."
Well Zenco can definitely help you stack your pennies. Not only do our customers stack around 900,000 pennies per year in savings, most of them don't even pay out of pocket for our services to begin with.